Wyrd NO MA'AM miniature painting competition

Event date: 12nd August 2013, 19:18h - 15th September 2013, 23:59h 12nd August 2013, posted by Marko Paunović

Wyrd NO MA'AM miniature painting competition will last until September 15.

The right to compete have all UMS "Agram" members except Marko, Ana, Andrija and Mario -> No MA'AM

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What minis are allowed:

- all Wyrd miniatures

- single miniature, large, mounted, diorama, unit, whatever.


Rules: Marko will upon photographing all the entries open a poll that will last 7 days. The highest scoring entry will get 5 points. The second three and the third one point.

During the poll, our judges Ana and Marko will judge all the miniatures awarding each a maximum of 30 points. The winner is the entry with the biggest combined score.